5 May 2021

In the future, doing business on the blockchain can be as simple as keep track of your national ID card...Read more

3 May 2021

Nowadays, a lot of content is published through social media platforms. Aware of the copyright challenges...Read more

30 Apr 2021

Kumo project proposes a network crawler, that gathers information about the peers in the network and their...Read more

27 Apr 2021

On their ONTOCHAIN journey, LCDP-ONT-APP project will contribute to a formal definition for ONTOCHAIN...Read more

19 Apr 2021

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14 Apr 2021

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26 Mar 2021

The reallly exciting part of the ONTOCHAIN journey is now starting. We spoke with Prof. Vlado Stankovski,...Read more

7 Dec 2020

ONTOCHAIN aims to set up an External Pool of Evaluators (EPE) to support the review...Read more

1 Dec 2020

ONTOCHAIN launched an open call for internet innovators distributing €1.14m to build the framework of a...Read more

26 Nov 2020

ONTOCHAIN has started the 1st of September 2020, interview with Caroline Barelle, the project...Read more

17 Nov 2020

New €4.2 Million fund to empower internet innovators to develop blockchain-based solutions

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23 Sep 2020

ONTOCHAIN - Trusted, traceable and transparent ontological knowledge on blockchain is a...Read more