CREATE: Content Registry And Tokenized Exchange

The CREATE project aims to build a decentralized content marketplace for content creators, communicators, and marketers to reach their audiences, individual citizens and consumers in the future, next generation internet.

The marketplace will be a solution that works with the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure and its future tokens, enabling content creators to exchange content for tokens from other users on a pay-per-view basis. It also lets the creators to manage their IP rights to the content.

The CREATE project will provide a Content Registry Service, a suite of smart contracts, and an API layer that integrates the user application, existing ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, and future 3rd party services. This is to facilitate content creators and content consumers to find each other and exchange content for tokens.

Website: Unitt.io/create



Motivation for the project:

The CREATE project addresses several challenges that are at the core of ONTOCHAIN. It will enable content creators, organizations, and individuals to earn and transact more effectively and securely in an environment that is more trustworthy for content handling, transparent in data, information, and services exchange whilst improving protection of privacy.

Generic use case description:

Content creators can register their content to the CREATE marketplace while retaining all rights data. Consumers can find content from the registry and consume the content in exchange of tokens on a pay-per-view basis.

Essential functionalities:

The CREATE marketplace is comprised of an end-user application, API layer, and on-chain smart contracts, including a content registry, with the following key functionalities: 1. User registration with their SSI, 2. Linking content with tags and metadata, 3. Smart contract for terms of distribution, 4. Searchability of the content, 5. Content exchange transaction process with tokens.

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

The CREATE project will serve ONTOCHAIN framework by creating a commercial consumer application and APIs that will utilize several existing ONTOCHAIN infrastructure, including ontologies, core Protocols, and application protocols.

Gap being addressed:

Monetizing any content, but especially non-video content, is currently difficult for most creators, and are limited to selling advertising, joining publishing platforms, seeking subscription income, and seeking income through product placement. By utilizing smart contracts and tokenization, CREATE enables a more effective monetization of content in a more trustworthy environment.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

At the core of CREATE is the notion that everything is tokenized to reflect the inherent value (or conversely, cost) in every digital transaction. The tokenization will achieve two things: it acts as a proof of transaction of the exchange of the information, as well as act as the means of payment, negating the need for having central platforms curating the financial transactions between the buyers and sellers of content.

Potential demonstration scenario:

During the project, the solution will be tested and validated on separate devices with a minimum of 15 users in the beta phase, with at least five content creators and 10 content consumers. The users will be onboarded, followed by a test period with the user feedback collected. The content consumers will be assigned tokens they can use to purchase content from creators on the platform.




Digital content marketplace that enables creators to distribute and monetize their creations in a trustworthy and transparent manner.




GitHub: https://github.com/ONTOCHAIN/CREATE

Currently open to the ONTOCHAIN community only. Reach out if you need access.



We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of ONTOCHAIN. It has been an inspiring journey, one that has left an indelible mark on our professional lives and our understanding of decentralized technologies. We believe that the experiences gained and the connections made in this programme will continue to drive our passion for innovation and collaborative problem-solving in the realm of decentralized systems. ONTOCHAIN has not only enriched our expertise but has also fortified our resolve to be part of the transformative changes that decentralized technologies bring to the world.



Pekka Mäkelä

Pekka Mäkelä

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Mikko Ville Valjento

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Jussi P. Mäkelä

Jussi P. Mäkelä

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Jussi K. Mäkelä

Jussi K. Mäkelä

Strategic program director, trainer, global industry association builder