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Public deliverables

Find here the public deliverables of the ONTOCHAIN project.


Work Package 1 - Project Management and Quality Assurance


Work Package 2 - OntoChain Ecosystem Setup and Open Call Management


Work Package 3 - OntoChain Framework Design Specification


Work Package 4 - OntoChain Applications and Framework Validation

  • D4.2 - OntoChain Foundations technical and business proposal (planned for 2022)
  • D4.3 - OntoChain Application Experiments technical and business proposal (planned for 2023)
  • D4.8 - Impact creation of OntoChain Foundations (Call#2) (planned for 2022)
  • D4.9 - Impact creation of OntoChain Applications (Call#3) (planned for 2023)


Work Package 5 - OntoChain Framework Impact and Ecosystem Sustainability

  • D5.5 - OntoChain Impact Report (planned for 2023)


Work Package 6 - Cross-cutting themes


Work Package 7 - Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation


Scientific publications
Access below scientific publications related to the ONTOCHAIN programme.
Scientific publications from ONTOCHAIN consortium members


Scientific publications from teams selected through the open calls


Presentations and Videos
Here you can check the slides used in ONTOCHAIN's presentations and watch the recordings.

Workshops (co)organised by ONTOCHAIN

  • GECON 2021 | September 2021
    • "Semantic Representation as a Key Enabler for Blockchain-Based Commerce": slides
    • "CopyrightLY: Blockchain and Semantic Web for Decentralised Copyright Management": slides
    • "ISLAND: An Interlinked Semantically-enriched Blockchain Data Framework": slides
    • "Smart Contract for cross-border AI model management": slides (coming soon)
    • "A Distributed Graph Data Storage in Ethereum Ecosystem": slides (coming soon)
  • NGI Forum 2021 | Software Ecosystems for Trust Management Workshop | May 2021
    • "Software Ecosystem for Trusted, Traceable & Transparent Ontological Knowledge Management": recording (starting at 01:56)
    • "Synergy between Semantic and Blockchain Technologies": recording (starting at 14:55)
    • "Decentralised Oracles for the Next Generation Internet": slides and recording (starting at 25:12)
    • "Self-Sovereign Identity in Ecosystems of Trust": slides and recording (starting at 01:00:30)
    • "Trust Assessment by Means of Reputation Management in Blockchain": slides and recording (starting at 01:33:04)


Participation at events in partnership with /organised by other 

  • European Blockchain Week 2021 | September 2021
    • "A new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge - At the meeting point between the Semantic Web and Blockchain": slides and recording (starting at 05:48) 
    • "GraphChain demo by MakoLab": slides and recording (starting at 17:08) 
    • "Semantic Blockchain - The Case Study of ONTOCHAIN - POC4COMMERCE": slides and recording (starting at 26:07) 
    • "DART: A distributed-oracles framework for privacy-preserving data traceability": slides and recording (starting at 36:20) 
    • "A Trusted, Decentralised Marketplace for Cloud Computing": slides and recording (starting at 01:40) 
    • "Blockchain Market and Business Model Overview": slides and recording (starting at 13:20) 
    • "KnowledgeX: A Blockchain-supported Platform for Trusted Data Science": slides and recording (starting at 42:32) 
    • "Datarella - Human Identity Blockchain Initiative HIBI": slides and recording (starting at 27:34) 
    • "Financing your Blockchain project": slides and recording (starting at 31:22) 
  • GECON 2021 | "A new blockchain ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge" | September 2021: slides
  • ERK 2021 | "A new blockchain ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge - The Semantic Web and Blockchain at a Meeting Point" | September 2021: slides
  • LAST-JD-RIOE Conference | "Decentralization for More Effective Healthcare: Trustworthy Data Exchange and Trustworthy Data Handling" | July 2021: slides
  • Webinar Intellectual Property in the World of Blockchain | "IP Landscape in Blockchain" | June 2021: slides
  • Next Generation Internet Policy Summit 2020 | "Trustworthy content handling and information exchange with ONTOCHAIN" | September 2020: slides and recording


Open Call 3 events


Open Call 2 events

  • ONTOCHAIN Open Call 2 Webinar 2 | September 2021: slides and recording
  • ONTOCHAIN Open Call 2 Webinar 1 | July 2021: slides and recording
  • NGI TETRA online Summer Bootcamp | ONTOCHAIN Open Calls | July 2020: slides
  • NGI Open Calls Q&A | "Q&A Ontochain Framework Prototype - NGI Ontochain 2nd Call" | July 2021: slides (coming soon) and recording (starting at 01:20:48)


Open Call 1 events



Media coverage

This section gives you access to the several news published about the ONTOCHAIN programme.

Open Call 3 Launch | May - July 2022


Open Call 2 Launch | Jul - Sept 2021


Open Call 1 Selected projects | Apr - Jul 2021


Open Call 1 launch | Nov 2020 - Jan 2021


Project Presentation | Sep - Nov 2020