Multiple threats have been identified when citizens interact with online services such as unknown provenance of information, unknown quality of service providers, spread of fake news, fraud, personal privacy violation, centralisation of power to name a few. ONTOCHAIN presents a new software framework, that leverages semantic web and blockchain technology to build, as distinct value for the Next Generation Internet, fundamental support for trustworthy data/services exchange and trustworthy content handling.

It comprises a novel protocol suite grouped into high-level application protocols, such as data provenance, reputation models, decentralised oracles, market mechanisms, ontology representation and management, privacy aware and secure data exchange, multi-source identity verification, value sharing and incentives, and lower-level core protocols that include authorisation, certification, privacy-aware data processing, cross-chain gateways, identity management, secure data exchange, and data semantics in smart contracts.

For enabling modularity, scalability, openness and high performance, the ONTOCHAIN platform comprises bottom-up:

  • The distributed ledger technologies layer, where the smart contracts of the various services are deployed,
  • The core protocols layer, where fundamental functionality for building Dapps resides,
  • The application protocols layer where more application-specific functionality resides, the ontologies layer that defines data semantics employed in all aforementioned layers
  • And the applications layer, where Dapps reside combining functionality from the previous layers.


Click on the image below to know more about each ONTOCHAIN partner that is part of the ONTOCHAIN platform, and check some use cases ideas. Please take into account that these are potential examples and by no means the only ones. Other innovative use cases can be worth considering too.


ADOS BOWLER CopyrightLY PiSwap POC4COMMERCE GEONTOLOGY PRINGO NFTWATCH REPUTABLE PS-SDA KnowledgeX GraphChain Perun-X DKG MFSSIA Ontospace Gimly HIBI POC4COMMERCE GraphChain KnowledgeX DESMO-LD CopyrightLY CARECHAIN Ethereum iExec Polkadot Data querying and matchmaking Reputation management Metadata management Decentralised oracles Market mechanisms Data provenance Data management Identity management Secure data exchange Crosschain interoperability Authorization and certification Privacy-aware data processing


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