OTCnLNG: A single origin of truth to provide LNG buyers and sellers with a decentralized interoperable view of carbon-neutral LNG cargoes 

The carbon neutrality of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) cargo proceeds from an amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) compensated by carbon credits certified by an organization deriving from CO2 reduction projects, such as reforestation.

We offer new capabilities to tackle issues actors are dealing with by generating transparent, traceable, accountable, secure data management for LNG buyers and sellers, responsible sourcing, and green LNG products. LNG has a Premium if it is monitored (transparency), transferred (frictionless), priced/valued (fair), integrated (externals), and verified (trustworthiness). Secure, accountable, and trustworthy monitoring are keys to reinforcing energy efficiency management actions on the sustainability of LNG itself by verifying the source of provenance (LNG cargo) and offsets.

Users will transact carbon-neutral LNG in a secure & private exchange with a verified identity information, strengthened by distributed semantic energy data management and energy data science.

Our solution triggers positive social and environmental impacts to sustain green energy, provide innovative business models, address civil society expectations, and fulfill industrial gas consumers' needs at the EU level and beyond.






Motivation for the project:

Reusability and trustworthiness of the gathered data will be increased thanks to the key role of domain-specific ontologies for streamlining heterogeneous data integration and assuring data quality in robust data processing and pipeline. ONTOCHAIN provides essential components to build trustworthy applications, and can be used as a digital hub.

Generic use case description:

LNG buyers and sellers will profit benefit from marketing the digital asset using their exchanges and scale by offering carbon credits at a lower price than their customers would acquire. They will also be able to monitor and track their journey to carbon neutrality. 

Essential functionalities:

- Digital Asset for LNG life cycle management
- Digital assets and emission/compensation on-chain; GHG offsetting (lock/unlock)
- Users’ identification and transactions validation
- Data repository and management
- Data collection & modelling with a focus on LNG
- Energy-specific ontology & semantics for selective disclosure
- Data quality assessment

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

Authoritative repository: granularity, massive amount of data from LNG supply-chain to improve upstream GHG emissions & further deployment of monitoring technologies.
Transparent, open smart contracts-based architecture for integration & interoperability with other software layers.
Reuse ontology & semantics for other energy supply-chain.

Gap being addressed:

Blockchain-based verification of Semantic Web data for selective disclosure
Harmonizing data collection, aggregation, validation, and reporting to build trustworthiness, transparency and efficiency in LNG suppliers claims about GHG emissions and compensations supporting climate goals for all supply chain LNG stakeholders.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

Clear delineation, collaborative approach (vs. silos), authoritative single source of information, data transparency, identified legitimate users, added-value generation; premium (attached/detached) in case of re-export, co-purchasing, borrowing and lending; and auditable emissions intensity.

Potential demonstration scenario:

Create a digital representation of LNG assets with relevant data. LNG importers validate exporters' claims (provenance of information); quantify, track, & report GHG emissions & offsets (carbon credits) for flexible management: divide, transfer, stack and transact with a Premium
Attribute benefits of auditable emission intensities to clients.





Jean-Christophe FINIDORI

Jean-Christophe Finidori

Innovation management Founder/CEO/HODLNG. MSc in organizational behaviour and post-graduate in electronic media. 25y experience on the Internet, (from Web 1.0 to the Decentralized Internet). Award-winning publications, Commercial Science Academy award in France. 



Julien Bringer 

Principal investigator Founder/CTO/HODLNG. Scientific research, technology innovation & tech leadership experiences. Expertise in security, privacy, cryptography and blockchain privacy. System architecture..




Snjezana Jovanovic

Marketing Project Manager. Founder/COO/HODLNG. Spec. Political Science. Team coordination, partnerships, resources mobilization, communication, business development.




Yuliya Vergilova Gieorgieva 

Energy trading and LNG Advisor. Expert in International Energy (Sciences Po Paris). Gas Origination and Trading Manager at Overgas (Bulgaria). Visiting Lecturer at the Center for Education Services at Sofia University.



Grigore Stamatescu

Grigore Stamatescu 

Genius Data Management. Founder. Research scientist. Fulbright Senior Scholar Energy management/control. Professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest.



Iulia Stamatescu 

Data optimization management. Research scientist, associate professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest.



Aisling THIRD

Aisling Third

Semantic Web expert. Semantic Web, Distributed Ledgers, Natural Language, Linked Data, Semantic Web Services. Research Fellow at The Open University (UK)..




Julián Andrés Rojas Melendez

External semantic expert. Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph researcher pursuing a PhD in Computer Science focused on Semantics-based data integration and querying on Web-scale, projects at Belgian and European. Research Fellow at IDLab, imec Ghent University.






An innovative business model to create the differentiated-product carbon-neutrality LNG.




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