DLMD: Decentralised last mile delivery 

The aim of the project is to boost opportunity for decentralised concept in the segment of last mile delivery. If there is something happening in the segment of food delivery where regular person can transfer himself into delivery guy for hour or two, in the parcel delivery it is still everything mostly holds in the hands of the delivery companies. The main driver for decentralisation is short supply of delivery points (shops or parcel lockers) and the rise of ecommerce so the number of parcels is skyrocketing after Covid situation.

Basically, we are using parked vehicles as a solution for this problem. The parked vehicles are there and everywhere so on other words they are near the recipients or receivers of the parcels.

The projects scope is to make access to every vehicle easy and without any special knowledge by regular person or declared delivery guy.
When we technically enable access to the vehicle to the user via a mobile application loaded on his phone, it is necessary to arrange access rights for the sake of the credibility and safety of all project participants.

And since the idea of the project is that every vehicle owner will offer their vehicle as a "vehicle parcel locker", trust between the participants is even more important. That is why we will use blockchain together with smart contracts for reputation management, identity management, micro insurance and payments for data transactions that will be created when using the system.

Website: https://dlmd.eu/

Use case





Motivation for the project:

Parcel MARKET is HUGE! The continuous growth of global parcel shipping volume is expected to reach approximately 262 billion parcels until 2026. Given that in 2019, the domestic parcel traffic in Europe reached roughly 6.5 billion handled parcels, then the shipping volume by 2026 will increase almost seven-fold.
This means that such a scenario will enrich the ONTOCHAIN platform with many new users, who through the proposed application will exploit the ONTOCHAIN blockchain and its application/core services that will be integrated in our application.
The vision of DMLD is to disrupt the last mile delivery in a way that all the elements and stakeholders could participate in the process of delivery in a decentralised form. The essential part of our concept in this case are parked vehicles which will not be passive assets anymore but active elements with additional function to become parcel lockers.
Our first part of the MVP will include vehicles of the delivery companies in the areas where they can’t build their parcel lockers. So, for them our product will be first mover approach that they can start offering their delivery services to their clients as quickly as possible.
Next step or our so called second MVP will be invitation to all the owners of the vehicles which are not in use or at least are parked more of their time to change their vehicle status to parcel lockers.

Generic use case description:

We have offchain and onchain data. Offchain data is all about how to open and close the door or the trunk of the vehicle to put the parcel into it.
From our technical point of view, we have vehicle data with two values. One is open the door or the trunk of the vehicle and other is closed door or the trunk of the vehicle.
These data come from two substitutive source. One is our own hardware device that can be put into the mostly all the vehicles old at least 15 years. And the other source are vehicle data which are available through different api’s that producers of the vehicles offer to service providers like us.
At the other hand we have onchain data which will handle the “trust transactions” between the users who will have the rights to handle with parcel (receivers, senders, parcel delivery courier and vehicle owners/renters).

Essential functionalities:

Custom developed, project specific services (centralized) and smart contracts (decentralized) are used in the project. Project also uses the following ontochain services:
   • TEE and oracles. The Oracles within the TEE provide verified off-chain communication with the BC environment.
Gimly SDK, passwordless login, SSI card (option), VC (verifiable credentials).
The Gimly provides users with DID the blockchain wallet address. The address is used through the process to identify the user for the blockchain transactions.

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

These functionalities will be a part of the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem mainly through the TEE and oracles provided by iExec and through the Gimly SDK. Through the process of the research of the ecosystem and the process of the development we could find some other “ONTO plugins” that could be interesting to integrate.

Gap being addressed:

The gap that our product will fill is not so much related to technology. It is about the needs of the market in the last mile delivery category. With a decentralized service, delivery will easily handle ups and downs in the number of packages over time and in this way will easily adapt to market needs.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

With DLMD product the actors will benefit through different aspects. The receivers and the senders with nearer and number of the delivery points (now with parked vehicles), renters / vehicle owners will have big incentives in renting their assets for the sake of the passive income and PDC with optimised paths of the delivery. 

Potential demonstration scenario:

From the day one of the production, we will give the service to the delivery company as a white label solution. This will boost the service to the market so we can easily get market feedback on the service and on the used technology. This “no brand approach” will help us make revenues more quickly if we’d go on the market by our self in the first place. 




This decentralised last-mile delivery solution utilises parked vehicles as parcel lockers. With blockchain technology ensuring transparency and secure transactions, users can conveniently receive packages in urban and remote areas. The video below highlights the user-friendly mobile application, tracking parcel status and enabling couriers to locate parked vehicles. The system's smart contracts, NFTs, and secret-based security ensure a seamless and trustworthy experience. Overall, the video demonstrates our vision to revolutionise last-mile delivery and enhance efficiency for all stakeholders.




DLMD-API: https://github.com/ONTOCHAIN/DLMD-API
DLMD-SC: https://github.com/ONTOCHAIN/DLMD-SC
DLMD-APP: https://github.com/ONTOCHAIN/DLMD-APP

Currently open to the ONTOCHAIN community only. Reach out if you need access.



ONTOCHAIN has been a positive journey, fostering critical thinking and networking with like-minded individuals. We are grateful for the support and opportunity to contribute to the blockchain community. Moving forward, we hope to witness further integration of real-world applications and a continued commitment to collaboration and innovation within the blockchain space.



Erdis Škrgić

Erdis Škrgić

Project coordinator, who is highly experienced in managing complex ICT project.


Nurija Hadziarapović

Nurija Hadziarapović

Coding (Web3 ˛SQL) & System engineer and lead developer in the project, who is an experienced developer and consultant on the design.



Borut Terpinc

Borut Terpinc

Coding, senior Web3 programmer.



Miha Petek

Miha Petek

Busines developer and project manager.



Klemen Peternel

Klemen Peternel

Coding Strategy, Web3 programmer.



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