ReCheck Green Box: A digital building logbook to store, secure, share and extract value from Real Estate data 

The ReCheck Green Box is a digital building logbook that aggregates, normalizes and secures online and offline data about buildings. In its current state the solution is normalizing input from devices from a variety of vendors using different protocols for data exchange. The normalized data is pushed to a secure data vault as an immutable and timestamped record which can be polled and verified directly against digital trails on a decentralized ledger. The data is also visualized in a flexible dashboard system accessed through a multiuser web-based environment. The users are in position to track every change related to the building of interest and can access historical records secured by blockchain. The internal normalization model includes data structures that would benefit from the ontology foundation provided by OTNOCHAIN and become understandable for other systems data source or data stream provider. With the Green Box, instead of getting lost in different silos, relevant data can now be updated in a structured and secure way to stay attached to the building along its entire lifecycle.

Website: https://recheck.io/greenbox

ReCheck use case




Motivation for the project:

Having in mind the solidity of the ONTOCHAIN foundation, we see Green Box as a solution that runs on top of ONTOCHAIN’s stack. The solution can benefit from being integrated into ONTOCHAIN’s architecture by utilizing the modules for Data Provenance and Interoperability.
The current solution is not accenting enough on interoperability and ontology-based models are necessary to achieve this, thus the interest to integrate Green Box main model as well as the UOI implementation as open ontologies, ready to be consumed by the others in the ecosystem.

Generic use case description:

Owners and building investors lack a common space for storing and accessing historical data about renovations, performance or other reports. On the other side, a secure and immutable digital trails log book about what happened with a building is a guarantee for the authenticity and the truthfulness of the data in the long term, thus contributing to the overall estimation of the real estate quality, compliance and value. ReCheck Green Box provides both a dedicated space for data and a secure building log book into a single integrated solution that helps real estate owners and investors have a proper grip on their assets state.

Essential functionalities:

Collect & Structure Data
 ➢ Attach any building documentation (any records, books of account, approvals, plans, drawings, specifications, schedules, feasibility studies, reports, certificates, etc.)
 ➢ Aggregate real-time data from sensors
 ➢ Structure the collected data

Log data in Blockchain
 ➢ Certify and time-stamp each piece of data and changes to it
 ➢ Create an immutable and transparent record

Store any type of data in any available format
 ➢ Technical data
    ○ Design/BIM Maintenance
    ○ Operational performance
 ➢ Administrative data
    ○ Periodic reports
    ○ Data access & logging
 ➢ Commercial data
    ○ Contracts / SLA`s
    ○ Performance benchmarks

Control sharing and transfer of data
 ➢ Authorize usage by others
 ➢ Access control
 ➢ Transfer data history to the next owner and keep relevant data always with the building

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

There are two aspects of integration - first - the level of reusable linked data existing as a foundation for all application blocks, and second - on the level of services. The available ontologies will be reused and if necessary extended with a new set of ontologies for greater interoperability with other systems willing to exchange information using linked data. Part of the functional set is depending on existing interfaces to available services outlined in the architecture of ONTOCHAIN. The integration can/will utilize to the possible extent both core-services and available and open interfaces to application blocks developed by 3rd parties.

Gap being addressed:

The main gap we address is the incomparable , mixed formats data about buildings. It is creating challenges for meaningful data analysis and data-driven process execution. On the other hand, we address challenges related to insecure and fragmented real estate data by timestamping the records on blockchain and guaranteeing the integrity of the information. Finally, we solve the problem of lost control over data since the incumbent market players lock customers in their platforms and do not allow data ownership.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

 ➢ Improved Indirect return (Value Growth) (1 – 5%):
    ○ Trustworthy transparency of data
    ○ Historical data
 ➢ Improved Direct return (5 – 10%):
    ○ Improved tenant satisfaction
    ○ Reduced costs of property management
    ○ Growing importance of data-driven M2M operation

 ➢ Optimize costs (15 – 55%) related to:
    ○ Facility Management
    ○ Maintenance
    ○ Wellbeing à Less sick leave & unused square meters
 ➢ Indisputability of Delivered Services vs Charged Services

Potential demonstration scenario:

The demonstration scenario will showcase a fully fledged platform for collecting, normalising, securing and visualising data in the digital building logbook. The demo will include features such as connecting to APIs and fetching data, applying ONTOCHAIN’s ontologies for structuring of the data, timestamping of the records on ONTOCHAIN’s infrastructure and consuming the data for optimization and decision making. The demo will also show how collected files or outputs from collected data can be shared in a controlled way with third parties for different purposes. Furthermore the demo will show how relevant data stored in our digital building logbook can step by step become a comprehensive digital twin of the building, a digital asset with increasing value to multiple stakeholders.



project outcomes

The video below demonstrates the usage of ReCheck Green Box in aspect time-series data visualisation and dashboards along with the ability to upload essential building documents that constitute the building log book.





Currently open to the ONTOCHAIN community only. Reach out if you need access.



Being a partner in ONTOCHAIN Open Call 3 has proven to be a great experience for the team. The regular plenary meetings gave us a sense of working with a strong community and we had the chance to get updated with the latest developments of each project and the ONTOCHAIN core project as well. At any time when our team needed it, we got helped with communication, resources or feedback. Weekly SCRUM meetings helped for proper alignment and prompt feedback from both management level and operations inside ONTOCHAIN. We decided to cooperate with a project from ONTOCHAIN Open Call 2 and we witnessed post-project collaboration and dedication. In other cases we got help with communication and exchange of relevant contacts and documentation. As a whole, our bet on ONTOCHAIN as a reliable partner has been rewarded and we will continue supporting the ecosystem after the completion of the project.



Emiliyan Enev

Emiliyan Enev

Emiliyan Enev is a serial entrepreneur, leader of the local startup ecosystem, and a public speaker, who advocates the business transformation via DLTs, such as blockchain for digital sovereignty and decentralized governance of data. With ReCheck he contributes to the practical application of the blockchain technology as a means of a transparent environment for secure transactions.


Emil Stoyanov

Emil Stoyanov

Dr. Emil Stoyanov has 15 years of experience in software development and project management, and a PhD degree from the University of Stuttgart. Among the companies that use systems developed under his supervision are Deloitte, Henkel, Procter & Gamble, Danone and Volkswagen, as well as banks and government institutions. During the last 5 years, Emil Stoyanov has focused on blockchain development and he has become a leading blockchain engineer in Southeastern Europe.



Jo Bronckers

Jo Bronckers 

Jo has 20 years of experience in Real Estate at FGH Bank and Rabo Real Estate Division, DLL, IVBN, Vesteda. He has been investigating blockchain-technology since 2014, with focus on its applicability to real estate processes. Jo is co-founder of FIBREE, the leading worldwide platform organisation for professionals in the blockhain-, real estate- legal, governmental- and academic research field that want to explore, develop or get connected to the right business partners to do the first experiments with blockchain in real estate.






ReCheck BV is a Dutch startup that helps businesses reach their sustainability and profitability goals by providing decentralised solutions. We help organisations with data protection, tracing and verification.