DAOstar: Semantic API Standards for DAOs

DAOstar is key infrastructure for the rapidly-developing DAO ecosystem. It is produced and governed by DAOstar One, a coalition of 70+ key member organizations in the DAO ecosystem that is committed to producing, governing, and supporting interoperable standards for the DAO ecosystem.

In this project, DAOstar will develop targeted integrations with ONTOCHAIN projects such as REPUTABLE and OntoSSIVault.

Website: daostar.org



Motivation for the project:

DAOs are an essential use-case of blockchains, and represent an important category of applications in the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem. Further, the open-source standards and infrastructure produced by DAOstar represent a decentralized public service in line with ONTOCHAIN Call 3’s B10 category.

Generic use case description:

DAOs, since being invoked in the Ethereum whitepaper, have been vaguely defined. This has led to a wide range of patterns but little standardization or interoperability between the frameworks and tools that have emerged. Standardization and interoperability are necessary to support a variety of use-cases. In particular, a standard daoURI, similar to tokenURI in EIP-721, will enhance DAO discoverability, legibility, proposal simulation, and interoperability between tools. More consistent data across the ecosystem is also a prerequisite for future DAO standards.
By adopting the DAOstar standard, ONTOCHAIN applications can be discovered by DAOs and more easily interoperate with existing tooling in the space.

Essential functionalities:

The key functionality of integrating the standard is interoperability, allowing communication between ONTOCHAIN applications and the rest of the DAO ecosystem.

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

ONTOCHAIN services such as REPUTABLE will be able to publish a DAOstar-compliant API endpoint, enabling them to be picked up and adopted by DAOs and other DAO tooling.

Gap being addressed:

ONTOCHAIN does not currently support DAOs in any interoperable format; by adopting DAOstar standards, it will be able to publish DAOs and DAO tooling that interact well with the rest of the ecosystem.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

The expected benefits are additional interoperability, legibility, and transparency in DAOs and DAO-related tooling within the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem.

Potential demonstration scenario:

The demonstration scenario will be a working reference implementation with an ONTOCHAIN service provider such as REPUTABLE.




An ONTOCHAIN integration with DAOstar, a set of open, semantic API standards for DAOs and DAO service providers built by a coalition of major DAOs, DAO frameworks, and DAO tooling providers.




Reputable-Contracts: https://github.com/metagov/Reputable-Contracts
DAOstar Attestations Explorer (frontend): https://github.com/metagov/daostar-explorer-backend 




Participation in ONTOCHAIN was extremely useful to the advancement of the DAOstar project, as it gave us an opportunity to build additional integrations for DAOIP-3 and to advance the adoption and testing of key DAO standards and infrastructure.





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