DEFev: DLT Ecosystem For Electric Vehicle Charging 

Leveraging the blockchain technology, we build an ecosystem that allows anyone to share his EV charging station. Thanks to a mobile app and smart contracts, you can get compensated when you give access to any other EV user to your own charging equipment. Hence we open a disintermediated marketplace to foster the EV charging network development. Our framework allows also a simplified path towards new services development (Plug&Charge, Smart Charge, V2G, Green electricity branding...) and EV charging station fleet management.

Website: https://defev.io (coming soon)


Use Case




Motivation for the project:

The DEFev project is building a blockchain framework to fully integrate the electric vehicle charging networks in the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem. Thanks to this, we develop a decentralized Peer-to-Peer EV charging solution.

Generic use case description:

A new member of the network wants to share his charging station. To register his plug, he declares a set of required information for the creation of the station record on the blockchain. He also chooses an EVSE manager for this new station, which will fully control each charging session, starting and stopping it. Each EV driver will now be able to use this charging station thanks to the Mobile App.

Essential functionalities:

EV charging session triggering and control through a Mobile App and a smart contract.
Payment of the charging session with a cryptocurrency.
Interoperable digitalization of the charging stations on the blockchain.

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

These functionalities will be integrated in the Ontochain ecosystem through a Bellecour EVSE ledger smart contract and a dedicated traceability and payment token. Furthermore, DEFev will use some Ontochain tools like the identification application Gimly.  

Gap being addressed:

In a nutshell, we bring EV charging on-to-chain; thanks to this, we are able to uberize the EV charging business. Indeed, DEFev brings a new real-life application to the Ontochain framework.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

DEFev project resolves interoperability issues by providing a common infrastructure that integrates different parties into one unified ecosystem. The charging stations have digital twins in the blockchain, allowing to manage a micro charging operator as easily as a user, opening the path to seamless P2P charging.

Potential demonstration scenario:

An EV driver locates a compliant and available charging point that he wants to use thanks to the Mobile App providing the compatible charging points. The customer plugs his vehicle and charges. The connected station delivers the charging service during the expected amount of time.






Benoît Maïsseu 

Chief Executive Officer: Formerly in charge for Renault SAS of the development of all the electrical and electronic components of the electric Kangoo released in 2011 (first Renault vehicle of the Li-Ion battery generation) and subsequently General Manager of the upstream engineering of all of Renault's electric vehicles released from 2013 to 2020.



François Chiron

Chief Technical Officer: expert in cybersecurity, AI and internet of things. He has previously developed a micropayment solution by phone for Africa with his previous start-up UVW. This solution was later integrated by the main micropayment actor in Kenya. He was also CTO of Bitzuri, one of the first African exchange.




Nadiya Khokhryakova

Chairwoman: experienced innovation consultant - manages HR, administrative and communication issues.



François Colet 

EV charging expert: a serial innovator author of numerous patents, and one of the main drafters of the ISO15118 standard.




Benoit Rognier

Chief Blockchain Officer: also co-founder of the company Edukera and has developed the Archetype language for the development of Tezos smart contracts.




Werenode SAS

Werenode is uberizing EV charging : leveraging the blockchain, we build an ecosystem that allows anyone to share his EV charging station.