TRUSSIHEALTH: Decentralized Trustworthy Health Information Exchange for Patient's Self-Sovereign Medical Records 

Healthcare with the related sensitive patients’ health data describes a complex data scenario to maintain. Commonly, these sensitive health data are stored and exchanged in the so-called HL7 FHIR data format, which was specially designed for the health data use case. Nevertheless, this data storage and exchange format limits the data interoperability and data portability. These two facts are core objectives within the new eIDAS v2 regulation. eIDAS v2 is a new legal framework, currently in development, that establishes a common legal framework for all European member states focusing on electronic identification, authentication, and trust services. Additionally, one of the main objectives of eIDAS v2 are self-controlled user data, which conflicts with health data in HL7 FHIR data format.

TRUSSIHEALTH tackles these issues and proposes a decentralized trustworthy health information exchange system that applies the self-sovereign identity (SSI) concepts as well as related technologies. SSI describes a novel identity management system that puts the user in control over their identity and related data. Data portability and data interoperability are two of the main principles of SSI.

In particular, TRUSSIHEALTH will develop a middle ware that allows the conversation between health data in FL7 FHIR data format and the verifiable credential (VC) data format. VCs were specially designed to support SSIs by providing an open and lightweight data format used for storing and exchanging data. To add trust in the transformed health data, TRUSSIHEALTH will utilize the so-called eIDAS bridge, a tool that allows to apply qualified and advanced electronic signatures on VCs. This way, not only trust but also legal value is added to the transformed health data VC.

By doing this, TRUSSIHEALTH will allow users to store and exchange a copy of their own health data and use it wherever they want in a privacy preserving way.






Motivation for the project:

The patients lack control over their personal and sensitive health data due to the usage of HL7 FHIR data format. TRUSSIHEALTH addresses this issue by proposing this, until now not existent, new middle ware tool that enables the conversation between HL7 and VCs and adds trust by utilizing the eIDAS bridge.

Generic use case description:

A patient initiates the health data export into the VC data model using TRUSSIHEALTH services. TRUSSIHEALTH enables the conversation into the VC data format plus adds a signature to the VC using the eIDAS bridge. The patient stores the VC in the wallet and uses it for example at a doctor.

Essential functionalities:

The two main functionalities are:
  1. Enabling the conversation of health data between the HL7 and VC data format
  2. Adding trust and legal value on the transformed health data by utilizing the eIDAS bridge

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

One part of the TRUSSIHEALTH project is to explore the integration with the software ecosystem.

Gap being addressed:

The gap being addressed is the missing conversation of health data between the HL7 and VC data format as well as the signing with advanced and qualified signatures

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

The provides novelty describes the facts that patients will be able to export, store and use their medial health data without being limited due to the data storage and exchange format. Also, TRUSSIHEALTH supports being compliant with the regulations such as GDPR and eIDAS v2.

Potential demonstration scenario:

Validated ID has already many partners and clients in more than 35 countries operating in different fields also in the health industry. Validated ID aims to contact those partners proposing the integration of the developed solution into the target systems. This way, the possible demonstration potential is high depending on the partners decision.




The video below shows the full user journey of a patient thatwants to use the developed TRUSSIHEALTH service.




TRUSSIHEALTH: https://github.com/validatedid/trussihealth-api
TRUSSIHEALTH Verifier Front-End: https://github.com/validatedid/trussihealth-verifier-front
TRUSSIHEALTH Verifier Back-End: https://github.com/validatedid/trussihealth-verifier-backend



Our participation with the TRUSSIHEALTH project at ONTOCHAIN has been an incredibly rewarding experience on multiple fronts. Firstly, we found the project to be highly interesting, providing us with valuable opportunities for learning and growth. The collaborative nature of ONTOCHAIN enabled us to connect with a diverse range of participants, including experts and professionals from various fields, making the experience truly enriching. Additionally, the mentorship we received throughout the project was exceptionally good. Our mentor provided us with invaluable guidance, support, and insights, which significantly contributed to the success and progress of our project. Their expertise and dedication enhanced our understanding of knowledge management and helped us navigate challenges effectively. Furthermore, our involvement with ONTOCHAIN allowed us to explore and engage with other remarkable projects within the ecosystem. By interacting with fellow participants, we discovered synergies and potential collaborations that enabled us to leverage their solutions and expertise. This collaborative approach fostered innovation and encouraged the exchange of ideas, ultimately leading to a broader impact and greater advancements in our project. Overall, participating in ONTOCHAIN not only expanded our network but also facilitated productive collaborations and a sense of community within the European research and innovation landscape.



Ivan Basart

Ivan Basart

Telecommunications Engineer with a Master in Cybersecurity with in depth experience in cryptography, digital identity and digital signature services. Have been worked in relevant positions at companies like G&D, Ancert or Wisekey. Currently he is co-Founder and CTO at Validated ID.


Josè F. Ruiz

Josè F. Ruiz

Sales engineer, judicial expert, more than 20 years of experience in digital signature market, technologies and related business processes, like eHealth and legal tech, will be functional and market consultant for the project.


Andreas Abraham:

Andreas Abraham

PhD in computer science with a focus on identity management and cyber security, and additional experience in, blockchain, cryptography and privacy preserving and decentralized approaches.


Joahnna Guerrero

Joahnna Guerrero

B.S. in Computer Science with PhD in Computational Numerical Optimization. She has extensive experience in image processing for pattern recognition and as Product Manager for building APIs from scratch. She is currently Product Manager of VIDsigner at Validated ID.


Juan Pablo de la Fuente:

Juan Pablo de la Fuente

IT Engineer, Blockchain master in UPC and Blockchain program in MIT. CEO of several companies (OFFILOG SA, NOVASOFT AG, CIBER INC,…) 26 years of experience in healthcare IT, SAP, HL7-FHIR.


Marcos Grau

Marcos Grau

Senior software developer, graduated on Computer Science Engineering at ETSE (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros) Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, with experience on mobile and web development including coordinating, planning, programming and implementing projects for enterprise applications.


Albert Cabrerizo

Albert Cabrerizo

Computer Engineer with a specialization in Information Technology, with experience in Bitcoin core, Hyperledger Fabric network and Ethereum smart contracts development.




Validated ID

Validated ID

Validated ID is a qualified trust service provider that also provides an SSI business line namely VIDchain.