MY3SEC: The Ultimate PM & HR Suite by Smart Workers for Smart Workers

My3Sec is a fully decentralized system that redefines career growth and project management. We empower individuals and employers with verified skill-oriented approaches, transforming the way we track progress.

With My3Sec, you can:

  • Prove Skills: Showcase your expertise with verified skill profiles, standing out in the job market.
  • Seek for Good Candidates: Streamline recruitment by finding workers who precisely match your desired skill profile.
  • Track Workers' Growth for Projects: Optimize project management by monitoring individual progress and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Moreover, thanks to the decentralized nature of our system you can join the My3Sec DAO: the Collective that shapes the system parameters and ensures fairness, transparency, and accountability. Imagine a vibrant network of workers, employers, candidate seekers, and co-workers collaborating seamlessly on My3Sec. Unlock your potential, gain recognition for your skills, and elevate project excellence.


My3Sec use case




Motivation for the project:

My3Sec will exploit the blockchain to provide a trusted log of time spent on activities or projects and to build a personal verified skill set.

Generic use case description:

Employers automatically obtain the hours spent on a given project. Additionally, the freelance votes the skills of other workers creating a trustworthy reputational system. Recruiter uses my3sec to search for workers with a verified set of skills who match company or project.

Essential functionalities:

• Transparent skill set building for job mobility and internal company ledger
• Mutual verification of the hours spent of activity
• Open semantic data model for tracking time on chain
• Open-source components
• Simple feature set suitable for small SMEs and independent workers

Gap being addressed:

Many of the workers who performed remotely during the pandemic are planning to combine remote working and presence. The shift to a hybrid model of working is inevitable and encouraged by public institutions. However there is a lack of viable digital infrastructures, tools, and support services.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

My3Sec will exploit the blockchain to provide a trusted log of time spent on job activities building a personal verified set of skills based on reputation, easily transferable. The semantic description of the data collected will lead to inferences to improve the efficiency of the processes, the talent retention and the meritocracy in the job market.

Potential demonstration scenario:

Hybrid teams working on projects from different domains will exploit My3Sec to easily keep track of time spent on activities performed and automatically view the progression of the tasks assigned. The transparency in verifying the availability of internal capabilities will facilitate the acquisition of new clients.



project outcomes

My3Sec provides smart workers with a repository of verifiable skills easy to transfer and maintain which will guarantee the path career to be based on equal opportunities, meritocratic, and access to job positions according to real competencies gained, complying with privacy rules.




My3Sec: https://github.com/ONTOCHAIN/My3Sec
My3Sec - unstable: https://github.com/vaimee/my3sec

Currently open to the ONTOCHAIN community only. Reach out if you need access.



The participation in ONTOCHIAN was a rich and inspiring experience; we had theopportunity to confront experts of the blockchain who made us rethink our projectunder other perspectives. The ecosystem is very active and many initiatives have been carried out to promote our project. Through the framework we had to apply for our deliverable we learnt a lot in terms of methodology and operations that must be implemented to successfully stay on track. We very much appreciated the well organisation, in particular, we enjoyed the weekly scrum meeting and the plenary session where various arguments were discussed with other participants.



Luca Roffia

Luca Roffia

Principal Investigator, PhD (2005) and M.Sc. (2001) in Electronics, Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering; Junior Assistant Professor of Digital Design Principles and Computer Architecture (2020-2023); co-founder and President at VAIMEE.


Lorenzo Gigli

Lorenzo Gigli

Technical Project Leader, PhD student (2021) and M.Sc. (2019) in Computer Science on blockchain technologies and IoT for structural health monitoring.



Alessandra Marconi

Alessandra Marconi

Project & Marketing Manager, M.BA (2011) in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts.



Cristiano Aguzzi

Cristiano Aguzzi

R&D, PhD (2021) in Engineering and Information Technology for Structural and Environmental Monitoring and Risk Management; M.Sc. in Computer Engineering (2017); invited expert of the W3C Web of Things working group (2020 – now); co-founder and Vice-President at VAIMEE.



Ivan Dimitry Ribeiro Zyrianoff

Ivan Dimitry Ribeiro Zyrianoff

Developer, M.Sc. (2019) in Information UFABC (Brazil); Ph.D. student at the University of Bologna in Engineering and Information Technology; authored more than 20 international journal and conference publications; research topics encompass interoperability for the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, and Time-Sensitive Networking for IoT.





VAIMEE provides B2B solutions for the development of interoperable services and applications on top of an open software solution driven by Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data standards.