SEIP: Service for Encrypted Information Provider

SEIP aims to deliver a framework to ensure granular data access control and confidentiality of data exchanged both on-chain, and off-chain, in a decentralized and scalable fashion, by exploiting novel asymmetric, encryption mechanisms (Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption - CP-ABE) and credential-based approaches (W3C VCs).

SEIP set itself as a solution addressing the on-chain data management technical topic of NGI ONTOCHAIN 1st Open Call enabling user’s communities to exchange data in a secure and trustworthy manner even on public, permissionless blockchains.

SEIP users will be able to independently request a private CP-ABE key by providing a set of Verifiable Credentials (VCs). The key will grant them access to data encrypted with specific access policies that state what conditions need to be satisfied (e.g. ownership of a credential) in order to successfully decrypt the data.

SEIP proposes to reduce solution fragmentation that is critically impacting blockchain’s large scale adoption and interoperability and also try address current regulation constraints.

To foster a wider assessment of the SEIP approach, the proponents will provide the SEIP framework as open source so to foster the assessment and validation even in a wider context and spur further development by open communities enhancing features and system reliability.

We are confident that ONTOCHAIN through SEIP will provide a solid building block to further foster Next Generation Internet vision of providing trustworthy and human-centric information exchange as all SEIP developed artefacts, as stated above, will be provided as open source.



Motivation for the project:

Foster the deployment of confidential and fine grade data access control DLT services, avoiding fragmentation and proliferation of siloed DLTs. SEIP contributes to the ONTOCHAIN reference architecture, its Trustworthy use-case, Secure Data Exchange, ID Management and Authorization Application.

Generic use case description:

SEIP enables a community to confidentially exchange information, without relying on 3rdy parties, setting up an autonomous, decentralized environment. SEIP fosters moving to “data embedded” confidentiality management, rather than “on top” approach.

Essential functionalities:

SEIP provides:
- oracle based KGS
- public data integrity
- personal keys request
- rule based key request evaluation
- wallet keys management
- access policies management
- access policies integrity
- on/off-chain data encryption
- events monitoring
- data decryption
- activities auditing

How these functionalities can be integrated within the software ecosystem:

The following SEIP components:
- KGS as DLT oracle
- wallet (private key management)
- smart contracts
- CP-ABE Policy Editor
- Features to encrypt/decrypt data
will integrate with:
- Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), Verifiable Credential (VC)
- Public DLT
- Decentralized service for data storage

Gap being addressed:

DLT is quickly moving from experiments to operational solutions. Communities need to address decentralization, security, and scalability, often achieved via private, permissioned DLTs. This creates silos that often do not interoperate, with the effect to hold back adoption of DLT and raising costs.

Expected benefits achieved with the novel technology building blocks:

SEIP contributes to the TRUSTWORTHY INTERNET via:
1) providing private and trustworthy data exchange
2) A scalable and flexible mechanism supporting “identification, authorization and role management of enrolled entities” by integrating DLT, VCs, SSI, CP-ABE
3) fostering communities/users autonomy

Potential demonstration scenario:

SEIP will deployed and assessed in a real context scenario (Dedit.io) and the ONTOCHAIN iExec Platform






Domenico Rotondi (FINCONS)

Graduated cum laude in Physics and has postgraduate scholarship in computer networks, distributed systems and telematics services. Since January 2014 works in the FINCONS Group as responsible for the activities on EU R&D.


Marco Saltarella (FINCONS)

Junior Developer in FINCONS where is currently contributing to several European and Regional funded Research & Development projects with a focus on IoT and Blockchain technologies, confidential data protection via new cryptographic techniques and GDPR compliance.



Pietro Azzara (Blockchain Italia, Co-Founder, CEO)

Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the world of information technology. In 2017 he became passionate about the Crypto and Blockchain world and subsequently founded BLOCKCHAINITALIA.IO.



Michelangelo Riccobene (Blockchain Italia, Co-Founder, Blockchain & dApp Engineer)

Specialized in developing blockchain based applications that ensures decentralization, privacy, security and reliability.



Andrea Lepidio (Blockchain Italia, Chief Information Technology Officer)

Expert in developing Blockchain, SSI, decentralized finance solutions. Coordinator and monitor Blockchain project developments.


Filippo Moraschi (Blockchain Italia, Blockchain Adoption Specialist)

Focused on finding new ideas for developing applications in the blockchain and decentralized finance ecosystem, also expert in driving companies integrate Blockchain technology in their processes.



Pietro Azzara (Blockchain Italia, Co-Founder, CEO)

Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the world of information technology. In 2017 he became passionate about the Crypto and Blockchain world and subsequently founded BLOCKCHAINITALIA.IO.



Chiara Ventura (Blockchain Italia, Community Manager)

Specialized in managing virtual communities, designing their structure and coordinating their activities.






FINCONS GROUP is an IT Business Consulting company working on IT market for over 35 years.




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