2 Mar 2023

As a remote-first start-up, the team behind My3Sec project recognised a need in the job market: a more efficient and trustworthy way to verify the skills of workers. Learn in this interview with Cristiano Aguzzi how they intend to be a game changer in the remote work industry and how ONTOCHAIN is helping them to achieve their ambitions.

Cristiano Aguzz


Can you briefly present us your team?

VAIMEE is a remote-first company that is made up of a talented team of skilled professionals. Our team is composed of full-stack developers, web3 experts, and project managers who all share a passion for research in computer science and a belief that semantic technologies can make a difference in software quality and extensibility.

We started as a small team of just Luca and me, but soon, we grew up as new students, industrial partners, and researchers joined our company. We believe that there is a strong connection between the physical and virtual worlds, where humans play the main role, and we strive to create projects that have positive and meaningful implications for everyone. By working remotely, we can bring together the best talent from around the world to work on our projects, but at the same time, it is challenging to manage a distributed diverse team. That is why we started questioning if there was a better way, how can we manage our team effectively but at the same time give them the opportunity to get the value of their time spent on our projects. The answer to this question is My3Sec.


In simple words, what is your project about and how does it contribute to the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem?

My3Sec is an innovative solution that allows individuals and companies to manage and verify worker skills in a decentralized and secure way. Our project uses a machine-human protocol to create proofs of expertise, which are recorded on a distributed ledger, providing a 

transparent and trustworthy solution for managing teams. We want to help remote first or hybrid start-ups, remote developers, and public employees improve their work experience and increase their chances of career advancement, with a tool that can be used both for project management and as a curriculum vitae generator.

With the European Union naming this year as the year of skills, My3Sec is more relevant than ever. My3Sec is contributing to the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem by providing a decentralized solution that addresses the need for trust and inclusion in the remote work environment, and specifically addresses the need for skills management and verification.

We believe that My3Sec has the potential to be a game changer in the remote work industry and we are excited to be part of the ONTOCHAIN program. If you want to improve your remote work experience and increase your chances of career advancement or you are looking for a tool to keep track of your work improvements, My3Sec is the solution you were looking for.


How did you come up with this project idea and what benefits will it bring to the end users?

The idea for My3Sec came from recognizing a need in the job market for a more efficient and trustworthy way to verify the skills of workers. As a remote-first start-up, we saw that traditional methods of skill verification, such as resumes and references, can be easily manipulated and are not always reliable. Additionally, we experienced the challenges of managing a growing remote team and the need for a better way to track and verify skills. We saw the potential for blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent way to track and verify skills and decided to develop My3Sec.

The benefits of My3Sec for end users include:

  1.  Increased trust in the skill verification process, as the data is stored on a decentralized blockchain and can be independently verified.
  2.  Improved efficiency in the hiring process, as employers can easily access verified skill information for potential candidates.
  3.  Greater control for workers over their own skill data, as they can input and update their own skill information on the platform.
  4.  Increased transparency in the job market, as workers can showcase their skills to a wider audience, and employers can access a wider pool of qualified candidates.
  5. Better matching of workers with job opportunities, as employers, can more easily find candidates who have the specific skills they are looking for.

In summary, the project aims to improve the transparency, trust, and efficiency of the job market by building a decentralized skills verification platform using blockchain technology.


In what way is ONTOCHAIN contributing to your own ambitions?

ONTOCHAIN is contributing to our own ambitions by providing support for the development, experimentation, and integration of new blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for My3Sec. The program provides access to a wide network of blockchain experts who can provide coaching, mentoring, and training in business and blockchain-related topics to help us achieve our goal of delivering a software ecosystem for trusted knowledge management.

Additionally, ONTOCHAIN offers access to top software infrastructure, visibility, and community building opportunities, which can help us to improve and promote My3Sec. Furthermore, the program's funding opportunities through research and innovation open calls are providing us with the necessary financial resources to develop and implement our concept.

Overall, ONTOCHAIN provides a valuable framework and resources that can help us to refine, promote and implement our project in a sustainable manner. It supports us to bring My3Sec to the next stage of readiness, i.e., application for deployment in the market, and to define and elaborate a Business Model for the purpose of the My3Sec exploitation.


How do you assess the experience of working with other ONTOCHAIN teams? What type of synergies do you want to explore/are already exploring?

Working with the other ONTOCHAIN teams has been a productive and valuable experience. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of the teams have provided valuable insights and perspectives on the development and implementation of My3Sec. One of the main synergies we have been exploring is the potential for My3Sec to use the OriginTral distributed knowledge graph (DKG) as the main solution to store off-chain skill information and users' CV. DKG is part of the ONTOCHAIN framework and it allows us to have a more efficient, sustainable, and GDPR-compliant way to store and manage user's data. Overall, the experience of working with other ONTOCHAIN teams has been very positive and we are looking forward to continuing to explore and create synergies in the future. We appreciate the ongoing support from the mentors, who have helped us to refine the business model aspects of My3Sec solution and helped us to better understand the market and user needs.


What are your expectations regarding the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem and its contribution to the NGI priority areas?

At VAIMEE, we are incredibly excited about the potential of the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem and its role in the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. Our project, My3Sec, is specifically designed to address the NGI priority areas of decentralization, trust, security, and inclusion. My3Sec is a decentralized blockchain-based system for tracking and verifying worker skills that uses a machine-human protocol to create proofs of expertise, which are recorded on a distributed ledger. This system contributes to the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem by providing a remote-first solution for managing projects and verifying worker skills in a trustworthy manner.

We believe that My3Sec will be a key player in the NGI initiative, particularly in the areas of inclusion and trust. Our solution helps to bridge the gap between companies and remote workers, providing a more efficient and secure way to manage and track worker skills. This, in turn, helps to build trust and increase efficiency in the process, which is vital for the future of the internet. We have high expectations for the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem and its potential to be one of the main blockchain ecosystems in Europe. With the support of the ONTOCHAIN program, we believe that My3Sec has the potential to be a game changer in the remote work industry, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the NGI priority areas.