8 Sep 2022

ONTOCHAIN’s experience will once again be shared at GECON: The paper “A Business Model for Multi-Tiered Decentralized Software Frameworks: The Case of ONTOCHAIN”, by Thanasis Papaioannou and George Stamoulis, has been accepted and will be apresented at the - 19th International Conference on the Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems and Services.


Different companies are contributing for ONTOCHAIN blockchain-based software framework, each having its own business plan. At GECON 2022 we’ll be sharing how, in this scenario, a joint exploitation model can bring a win-win collaboration for all stakeholders involved and bring high value to end-users:

GECON 2022 builds upon the successful tradition of the conference previous editions since 2003. It encourages contributions that are interdisciplinary, combining business and economic aspects with engineering and computer science related themes. The purpose of this event is to gather original work and build a strong multidisciplinary community in this increasingly important area of a future information and knowledge economy.

In 2022, GECON is being held as a hybrid conference, taking place at Izola (Slovenia) and online from 13 to 15 of September.

We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming you at the presentation of our paper.