10 May 2021

Trust is a key property specific to human-to-human interactions. As software becomes ubiquitous and pervasive, it provides an interface between the inherently untrusted physical and virtual world (e.g. sensors, data, algorithms), on one side, and the trusted world of blockchains, where everything happens based on a wide consensus. 

ONTOCHAIN and TruBlo are two NGI projects where the focus is to advance the State-of-the-Art. Both projects have funds to support ideas from European researchers, developers and teams from startups and SMEs and build software ecosystems for trust management in different business scenarios. 

For the NGI Forum 2021 the two projects have joined forces. On May 18th, 15:00 CET, they will present a fast-paced, two-hour session delivering short, to-the-point presentations. 

NGI Forum



Welcome words (5 minutes)

Introduction of projects (10 minutes)

  • ONTOCHAIN (Vlado Stankovski)
  • TruBlo (Mirko Lorenz)

Functional components (30 minutes)

  • Trusted knowledge management - Mirek Sopek (MakoLab)
  • Decentralised Oracles - Anthony Simonet (Research Scientist - iExec / Blockchain Tech)
  • Tokenomics - Hadrien Zerah (Adoption Manager / Nomadic Labs)

EU Blockchain infrastructure (30 minutes)

  • Quality of Service and sustainability - Tadej Slapnik (CEO at Hashnet Slovenia)
  • Decentralised Identities - Caspar Roelofs (GIMLY)
  • Scalability: Blockchain, graphs - Artem Barger (Manager, Blockchain Technology Platforms   IBM Research)

Use cases (30 minutes)

  • Trusted content, timestamping of content - Sebastiaan van der Lans (WordProof)
  • Provenance, part-tracing - Ian Taylor (Professor - Notre Dame / CTO at SIMBA Chain)
  • Reputation - Thanasis Papaioannou (Senior Researcher Athens University of Economics and Business)

Q&A and Discussion (15 minutes)



  • Vlado Stankovski
  • Mirko Lorenz

You can check the NGI Forum 2021 complete agenda and register for free here.


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