22 May 2023

Registrations are open!

ONTOCHAIN Summit & Hackathons


The awaited second edition of the ONTOCHAIN Summit for a Trustworthy Internet is set to take place on 22 June 2023, providing an opportunity for the entire EU web3 ecosystem to gain valuable insights from experts, engage in meaningful discussions, and meet the achievements of the ONTOCHAIN Project, after nearly three years of intense project implementation.

At the core of the ONTOCHAIN Summit will be a Keynote Speech about Scalability, Replicability & Exploitability for blockchain-based applications at the EU level, followed by a Roundtable discussion. Experts from diverse fields will converge to analyse the topic from multifaceted perspectives, offering valuable insights and stimulating discussions.

The event will take place online and registration is free.

To maintain the momentum generated by the ONTOCHAIN Summit, two online hackathons will be hosted, inviting participants to demonstrate their skills in developing innovative applications to solve real-world challenges, on top of the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem services:

  • Hackathon #1 - Developing trustworthy applications that address human rights (28 & 29 of July)
  • Hackathon #2 - Developing trustworthy applications for commerce & other services (04 & 05 of August)

This will be a great opportunity for web3 innovators to network with other like-minded individuals, gain valuable experience in developing blockchain-based applications and win one of the 6 prizes up to €3,000.

Applications for the online ONTOCHAIN Hackathons are open until 21 July 2023 (17:00 CEST) and participation is limited to 20 teams per Hackathon.

More information about the ONTOCHAIN Summit and the ONTOCHAIN Hackathons is  available at the events dedicated web pages.

Register now for the ONTOCHAIN Summit and apply for the Hackathons!