17 Aug 2023

DAOstar was one of the teams that were selected in ONTOCHAIN Open Call 3, whose final results have just been delivered. But still before seeing their final results presented, we talked with team member Joshua Tan, who explained how the idea for this Semantic API Standards for DAOs was born, how it contributes to the ONTOCHAIn software ecosystem and how it benefits the end users. 


Can you briefly present us your team? What’s your story and what drives you?

DAOstar is a nonprofit standards body for the DAO ecosystem. We were founded in 2021 as a coalition of many DAOs and DAO service providers to build interoperable standards and other public goods for the ecosystem.


In simple words, what is your project about and how does it contribute to the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem?

DAOstar is a standards body; in particular, our proposed project uses the DAOIP-3: Attestations for DAOs standard in order to specify an integration with ONTOCHAIN’s REPUTABLE service. The idea here is to allow DAOs and members of DAOs to use REPUTABLE to declare reputation ratings, and then to have those reputation ratings show up across all sorts of different DAO tooling using the standard.


How did you come up with this project idea and what benefits will it bring to the end users?

This project was really motivated by the needs of different companies in the DAOstar ecosystem, including Avenue, Govrn, and Disco!


In what way is ONTOCHAIN contributing to your own ambitions?

ONTOCHAIN has been extremely supportive of our hope to add to the complexity and depth and adoption of the DAOstar standards.


How do you assess the experience of working with other ONTOCHAIN teams? What type of synergies do you want to explore/are already exploring?

As mentioned above, we are working directly with the REPUTABLE stack from ONTOCHAIN.


What are your expectations regarding the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem and its contribution to the NGI priority areas?

I think it will help make the internet stronger, more secure, and more decentralized!