16 Dec 2021

Meet the innovators selected to co-develop a new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable and transparent ontological knowledge!



The exchange of false information on the Internet has become a worldwide concern, with impact on the political, economic and social well-being. The EU-funded project ONTOCHAIN aims to contribute to solving this issue, through the development of a software ecosystem where information can be managed with greater transparency and confidence.

From the 15th of July to the 15th of September 2021 ONTOCHAIN looked for the best internet innovators in Europe to co-develop this software ecosystem, by launching an open call for blockchain-based proposals around six fundamental pillars of the ONTOCHAIN architecture:

  • Decentralized oracles for ONTOCHAIN
  • Market mechanisms for ONTOCHAIN
  • ONTOCHAIN interoperability & API Gateways
  • ONTOCHAIN Network Design and scalability
  • Semantic based marketplaces for ONTOCHAIN
  • Data Provenance in ONTOCHAIN

ONTOCHAIN’s journey continues successfully! After a couple of months working hard on the design specifications, the ONTOCHAIN Open Call 1 innovators have passed the baton to the ONTOCHAIN Open Call 2 applicants, to propose their solutions to further extend the architectural features and use cases planned by the end of the Open Call 1. All applicants were highly inspired, raising high the level of the competition!  Brilliant solutions will now complement the layers of the ONTOCHAIN Ecosystem blueprint architecture not considered in Open Call 1. The second stage of ONTOCHAIN is now launched with once again high expectation!”- Caroline Barelle, ONTOCHAIN Coordinator.


And the selected projects are...

A total of 76 proposals from all over Europe have been submitted to this second ONTOCHAIN open call. A group of 42 experts collaborated as external evaluators with the ONTOCHAIN consortium and the process culminated in the selection of the following projects:

  • ADOS (Spain): AirChain Decentralized Oracle System
  • BOWLER (Italy and Netherlands): Blockchain-Oriented Warehouse & Low-Code Engine and Reasoner
  • CARECHAIN (Spain): Supporting CARE through microinsurances using blockCHAIN
  • DESMO-LD (Italy): Decentralized Smart Oracles for Trusted Linked Data
  • OriginTrail DKG (Slovenia and Serbia): Decentralised and Scalable Knowledge Graph Economy Tools Supporting the "Trusted, traceable and transparent ontological knowledge on blockchain — ONTOCHAIN"
  • Geontology (Spain): A geo-aware network protocol for enabling trustable cross-border operations and data exchange in a global digital economy
  • MFSSIA (Estonia): Multi-Factor Self-Sovereign Identity Authentication
  • NFTWatch (France): an RDF based ontology to describe exhaustively what NFT are, as well as a set of IT tools to interact with it
  • ONTOSPACE (Poland): A stable, scalable, efficient and cost-effective network for ONTOCHAIN
  • PiSwap (Germany): Price-Building-Mechanism for asymmetric NFT-markets
  • PRINGO (Spain): Private Incentives for Common Goods
  • PS-SDA (Sweden): Provenance services with Smart Data Agreements
  • Perun-X (Germany): Efficient Cross-Chain Infrastructure for ONTOCHAIN


What's next for the teams selected?

During the next five to ten months, the selected teams will be building a prototype for one of the six pillars of the ONTOCHAIN architecture. This will allow the delivery of ONTOCHAIN’s Protocol Suite and Software Ecosystem Foundations.

To support this innovative work, each team will get up to €145k (equity-free). Experts in diverse fields will also provide to the selected innovators technology development guidance, as well as access to top infrastructure, training in business and data related topics, coaching, visibility and community building support.