28 Nov 2022

Meet the web3 innovators selected to address citizens’ needs for trustworthy data exchange and content handling!



The need for solutions to fight the exchange of false data on the Internet is currently being felt across various vertical domains of the European economy. The EU-funded project ONTOCHAIN is contributing to solve this issue, through the development of a software ecosystem where information can be exchanged in a trusted, traceable and transparent way.

From the 23rd of May to the 25th of July 2022 ONTOCHAIN looked for the best web3 innovators in Europe to further develop this software ecosystem. The project launched an open call for blockchain-based applications covering real needs of end users, as well as proposals around missing blocks of the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure.

This process resulted in the selection of 14 proposals addressing the following topics:


  • Service Integration (Gateways APIs) for ONTOCHAIN applications
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable hosting infrastructure for the ONTOCHAIN software ecosystem and services


  • Semantic Digital Logbooks for Companies, Buildings, Cars or similar
  • Decentralised Fact Checking and Data Credibility for Social Content
  • Semantic energy data management
  • Automotive, e.g., electric vehicle charging, road side management, car insurance, communication interoperability
  • Distribution Logistics / Supply Chains Using Trustworthy Semantic Data
  • Data/Digital content /Multimedia marketplace, including social media
  • Decentralised Public Services & Common Goods
  • Other applications aligned with ONTOCHAIN objectives

“ONTOCHAIN is entering its third year of implementation and concrete value creation phase! Pursuing with its initial high expectations regarding better share of knowledge and value in today’s web, ONTOCHAIN is now ready to demonstrate its potential with innovative applications pertaining to various vertical domains of the economy also emphasising on inclusion and human rights. The ONTOCHAIN trustful architectural features, functionalities and services developed in year 1 and year 2, by redefining the ways we transact online, share ideas, and manage workflows, have seduce many application developers keen in using the features of ONTOCHAIN and  sensitive to the values it supports and conveys. Indeed, more than hundred proposals were received, all as interesting as the others, leading to a tight competition between all of them to be part of the 14 selected projects.”- Caroline Barelle, ONTOCHAIN Coordinator.



A total of 105 proposals from all over Europe have been submitted to this third ONTOCHAIN open call. A group of 62 experts collaborated as external evaluators with the ONTOCHAIN consortium and the process culminated in the selection of the following projects:

  • BABELFISH (Austria) – Service Integration in Heterogeneous Environments
  • CAPS-CO (UK) - Carbon Accounting of Product Supply Chains using ONTOCHAIN
  • Convex Global DLT (UK) - Convex hosting infrastructure and decentralised ledger for the Next Generation Internet
  • CREATE (Finland, Spain) - Content Registry and Tokenized Exchange
  • DAOstar (France) - Semantic API Standards for DAOs
  • DEFev (France) - DLT Ecosystem For Electric Vehicle Charging
  • DLMD (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Decentralised last mile delivery
  • ecOS (Italy) - Energy Community Operating System
  • INGRESS (Estonia) - Gateway to financial inclusion
  • Startin’blox (France) - Low-code app builder
  • My3Sec (Italy) - The Ultimate PM & HR Suite by Smart Workers for Smart Workers
  • OTCnLNG (Estonia, Romania) - A single origin of truth to provide LNG buyers and sellers with a decentralized interoperable view of carbon-neutral LNG cargoes
  • ReCheck Green Box (Netherlands) - A digital building logbook to store, secure, share and extract value from Real Estate data
  • TRUSSIHEALTH (Spain) - Decentralized Trustworthy Health Information Exchange for Patient's Self-Sovereign Medical Records



During a 10-month programme, the selected teams will develop interoperable and sustainable applications that employ Semantic Web and Blockchain concepts to enhance data quality aspects, as well as the trustworthiness of data communication and handling processes.

Applications will be built on top of software services of the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem, which will also be enhanced with additional key blocks, developed by the new batch of innovators now selected.

To support their innovative work, each of the 14 teams will get up to 119.500 Euros. As part of the action, experts in diverse fields will also provide them technology development guidance, working methodology, as well as access to top infrastructure, coaching, visibility and community building support.